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Acupuncture treatment

Traditional Chinese acupuncture evolved in China thousands of years ago and has historically been used to treat all sorts of illness and disease. Today acupuncture is widely used in Chinese hospitals, alongside modern medicine, as a main form of outpatient treatment.

Modern acupuncture truly is a holistic therapy where the emphasis is to keep the whole body in balance. The idea is that when the body is balance, it can start to heal itself and all sorts of illnesses and health conditions will improve.

Maybe you are not 'ill' in a conventional sense but you are experiencing niggling health problems that leave you feeling drained and unable to function at your best? Poor sleep and low energy levels may mean that you have been just 'getting by' rather than enjoying life. Maybe you just feel 'out of balance' and not your normal self?

Although not an 'illness' these symptoms would be a recognizable as 'pattern of imbalance' in Chinese medicine. Acupuncture points would be chosen to help restore the body's energetic balance and get you feeling well again.

Who Has acupuncture?

Lost of people! I regularly see people suffering with all sorts of physical aches and pains, from a bad backs and tennis elbows, to arthritis and joint pain. Some people come along to see me as they are having menstrual or menopausal problems, difficulty sleeping or just find that their 'get up and go' has 'got up and gone'!!
In short as an acupuncturist I've seen every sort of patient, from those seeking a more natural way of keeping their body, mind and emotions working at their best to sports people wanting a better recovery from injury.

What can acupuncture treat?

The world health organist ion recognises the effectiveness of acupuncture and has an extensive list of disorders and diseases that can be treated with acupuncture. The conditions range from headaches to back pain and hay fever! Take a look!
For more detailed information you can look at the British Acupuncture Councils list of latest research papers.

Your acupuncture treatment - How does it start?

At your first consultation a full health history is taken. We will discuss your symptoms in detail and find out which areas of your health are most important to you. I will carry out a Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis before deciding which are the best acupuncture points to use in your treatment. Your initial consultation will include your first acupuncture session.

In most cases a course of acupuncture will be needed. This usually starts with weekly appointments, treatment becoming less frequent as your symptoms improve. People often report good improvements in their health within the first 4 or 5 treatments.

There are many different techniques and treatment styles that can be used, some are even needle-free like electro-acupuncture or moxibustion. Ear acupuncture or auricular therapy is also another specialised technique that can be used. People are surprised that acupuncture is relatively painless and find the whole experience quite relaxing and enjoyable.

Many people decide to have acupuncture on a regular basis. They see it as ' essential maintenance' for their health and wellbeing, keeping their energy levels up and them feeling good. Essential in today's hectic lifestyle!


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