Anti-aging and beauty facials

There is something to suit everyone! Anti-aging facials,luxury facials or quick skin pick-me-ups, just choose any of the skin care treatments listed below. If you're not sure which to try, just call and I can advise about the different facials available.

Specialised Facial Treatments

anti-aging jade facial

Cosmetic acupuncture

Acupuncture that can diminish the signs of lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and skin quality, revitalizing your complexion.

For more information visit my dedicated cosmetic acupuncture page.

Initial consultation - £50.00 (60min)
Subsequent treatments - £45.00 (60min)

anti-aging jade facial

anti-aging jade roller facial

My clients love this facial, they say it leaves their skin feeling beautifully soft and looking smooth for days! Great cosmetic products are combined with eastern facial rejuvenation techniques. Ideal for improving lines, wrinkles, dry skin or puffiness around the eyes. A deep cleanse and face analysis is followed by a specialised Chinese facial massage using jade rollers and gua sha tools. Serums and a mask are applied to lift and hydrate the skin followed by a moisturising treatment to leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Jade Roller Facial - £38.00 (60min)
Eve Taylor luxury facial

intense nourishing facial

Ideal for mature skin or those who want a bit more of an indulgent facial. A cleanse is followed by an exfoliation and a face and neck massage. Then your complexion will be pampered with a mask and specialist serum from the Eve Taylor salon product range designed to either tone, lift or moisturise your skin. Attention to detail is paramount and even the delicate area around your eyes will be treated to an eye cream. Your facial is completed with a gentle tone and intensive nourishing treatment.

Intense Nourishing Facial - £38.00 (60min)

Classic Facial Treatments

Eve Taylor luxury facial

Full facial

This is the classic facial using great skin care products. Your face is cleansed and toned before a facial analysis is carried out to identify your skin type and highlight any areas of concern. This is followed by an exfoliation, a face and neck massage and a mask. Your treatment concludes with a toning and moisturizing treatment.

Full Facial - £32.00 (45min)